Renting at Blycolin, a sum of advantages

A specific rental agreement with solid arrangements. Personal service by people you know and who know you. Distinguishing first-class hospitality linen for you to please and spoil your guests with. Services that let your linen management run smoothly. Industrial professional laundry processes that you can rely on. All the support for your pursuit of corporate social responsibility. Price-quality ratios that relieve your investments. Thinking along in operational solutions.

Rely on us
Working with Blycolin offers you advantages you do not want to miss out on to organize your linen management in a carefree manner. We draw up your rental concept and project arrangements after discussing in detail the exact products and services you are looking for. Your choice of collections, quantities and initial norms, favourable prices, stock levels, delivery times and frequencies, number of laundry sessions, rejection procedures. We put it all down in black and white, in order for the stipulated services to be crystal clear.

Our linen collections which we develop and purchase with care are always on stock for extended periods of time. This is a comforting advantage as it prevents shortages and loss of consistent quality throughout the years. Rely on us is not an idle statement, as many of your colleagues in hospitality will be happy to acknowledge. There are some of the references on this site.

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