Co-creative partners that support us in exploiting our concept

The Conference Hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten’s management chose for Blycolin as their partner for linen services in 2010. Of course, we are very honored that we will be cooperating with this beautiful accommodation in the woodsy Soesterberg for a very long time. The vast conference hotel is yet again a gem for our customer list.

Kontakt der Kontinenten consists of two independent organizations: Conference hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten and Kontakt der Kontinenten Training & Consultancy. About fifty years ago, it was established from the former mission house St. Jan and the more recent monastery Cenakel. These two imposing buildings, located close to one another on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, once served their purpose as monasteries, but are now a meeting place for people from all over the world.

Over the years, the buildings have been renovated and expanded without losing the grandeur of the olden days. On the contrary. That grandeur is still present in every inch of the accommodations. Kontakt der Kontinenten is a multi-functional accommodation. In Total, the Conference Hotel has 125 comfortable furnished hotel rooms and 25 meeting halls. The hotel rooms overlook the splendid inner gardens and surrounding woods. The guests are also surprised by the magnificent art collections of, among others, the artist Theo van der Hoeven. In the former mission house, a large conference hall, a former chapel and various meeting halls are located. In Klooster Cenakel, among other, six meeting halls and a fabulous chapel with impressive murals are located.
Guests stay here for various reasons. For conferences, training, meetings, weddings and other gatherings. In and around the hotel, management also organizes all sorts of activities themselves, that will make a stay here every more pleasant and surprising. Also very agreeable are the restaurant, the bar and the lounge. Guests can enjoy tasteful dishes and drinks there, while enjoying a splendid view of the wood park.

Just for these reasons, Blycolin is proud to have Conference Hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten as a customer. But why did its management choose us? Manager of the Conference Hotel René Giel:
“Conference Hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten is going through an innovation process whereby various investments in the hotel should ensure that the hotel fits the guests’ demands. In this process, we require co-creative partners that support us in fully exploiting our concept. Blycolin is one of those partners that makes a valuable creative contribution when it comes to bed, bath and restaurant linens. Besides this, Blycolin is a very pleasant discussion partner that thinks along with us in a time in which cost-aware management is essential”.

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