Logistical efficiency that moves your linen properly

Linen management involves many logistical movements. Externally, out to the laundry. And back to your linen room. Internally, from your linen room to wherever your guests are to enjoy the quality. And back again. A puzzle in which every piece is indispensible,and Blycolin to solve it for you. Efficiently, at the right time and place with well-considered solutions.

We streamline your logistical orgazisation

Linen management depends entirely on logistics. After all, without a streamlined organization to see to it that linen is where it needs to be, your linen flow will come to a standstill. Bothersome consequences you don't have to worry about when entrusting Blycolin with the entire logistical organization. We sit down with you to stipulate all logistical aspects in a written project agreement. This specifies, among other things, the quality and quantity of your linen products, the transport method, delivery times and frequencies.

For the transport to and from the laundry, for instance, we prepare transport schedules to guarantee that you can dispose of your linen timely and sufficiently. The lorries we deploy run as cleanly as possible, appropriately fitted with, among other things, soot filters to reduce the emission of CO2.

We also help you figure out the best solutions for your internal logistics, based on our experience and expertise. This will help you to save time and costs while operating efficiently. To this end we also develop products that smoothen your internal transport and enable your housekeepers to work more efficiently, accurately and healthily. SEP and Etage Adapt are just two examples of innovative transport systems we have developed.

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