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High-quality management of linen packages with bedding, bath linen, restaurant linen and kitchen textiles brings about considerable investments. Bearing this yourself exercises considerable pressure on your liquidity and involves all sorts of financial risks. In Blycolin, you will have a linen partner that accepts responsibility for all of this.

Our financial stability is your peace of mind

Blycolin has been active in linen rental and linen services for well over forty years. We have built up a professional, financially powerful company. This offers you peace of mind. As a consequence we can invest effortlessly in your linen packages and all associated services. Your costs are spread transparently over the length of our agreement with you, and costs are automatically reduced in times of lower occupancy rates. After all, you only pay when the linen is used.

You won't run any investment risk, when you work with us. Another comforting thought. So many risks could jeopardise your financial position and consequently your operational management. For instance, if you purchased linen for considerable amounts, would its quality live up the requirements of intensive use? If not, the risk would be all yours and you might need to make a similar investment within two years’ time. Would you always have sufficient linen? So that in case of shortages, you do not run into additional costs. Blycolin covers all these investment risks for you.

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