New! New Atlantic recycled towels

Blycolin is passionate for Corporate Social Responsibility. We consider CSR to be an extremely important building block of our company's philosophy. This year we will again be fully active in this area. The first new product that we present in 2012 in the context of CSR is the Atlantic recycled bath towel and towel.

Our care for man and the environment is enshrined ever deeper in our operational management and products. Because we feel it is our responsibility and because we intend to offer you all the support we can in your pursuit of CSR. The Atlantic recycled bath towels and towels are one such contribution.
We critically scrutinised the production of the familiar Atlantic. We found a solution by recycling existing cutting waste in the manufacture of the towels.

The familiar Atlantic is a 400-gram towel of 100% cotton. This cotton version is now replaced by a 10-12% recycled version, as this is known in terms of sustainability. This means that the Atlantic towels contain 12% of recycled fabric. This fabric originates from cutting waste of terrycloth that remains after the confection of other products. The waste is collected and turned into fibres. In professional jargon this process is referred to as ravelling. The fibres are spun again, together with 30% polyester fibres to improve the strength and the weaving ability. This recycled material is then used in the production of our New Atlantic.

We supervise the introduction of the new Atlantic in your hotel through a specific advertising campaign and special cards that you can use in the communication with your guests. In order that they can also see (and feel from the soft towels) that you apply sustainable business practices.

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