Efficient and cost-saving collection and transport of your linen

Your internal logistics determine to a great extent how smoothly and quickly the linen management in your hotel or restaurant proceeds. Blycolin has developed an innovative system which lets you take a step forward in the efficient and cost-saving collection and transport of your linen. This sophisticated innovation to help improve your internal logistics is what we call SEP.

Separating intelligently, saving time and preserving quality
SEP is a handy, separate unit that can easily be attached to a laundry trolley. A matching laundry bag is available in the unit in which wet towels and bath towels can be collected (or wet kitchen towels if you deploy SEP in a restaurant). SEP can be organised flexibly and adapted to user requirements. Multiple SEP units may be attached to a laundry trolley. One, for instance, to collect the wet bath line, and another for the pillow cases while sheets and covers will go in the large centre part. A system that will save time in housekeeping. Processing of the laundry will be better structured and due to the extra volume added to the trolley more can be taken in one go. This reduces the number of movements and leaves guests less confronted with trolleys in hallways.

An important advantage of separating wet and dry linen from hotel rooms, restaurants and kitchens is that foxing has no chance of success. Foxing occurs when wet and dry linen is placed in laundry bags together, forming black dots on the otherwise sparkling white. These stains are tough and cannot be washed out. With SEP all your hospitality linen remains spotless over an increased lifetime.

ISO 9001




SA 8000

ISO 26000