Stylish Italian table linen

The decoration of your tables is an important ingredient in the taste perception of your restaurant. Spoil your guests with exclusive Blycolin table linen.

Shiny, sensitive, smooth and colourfast

Our table linen collection is designed and manufactured by our Italian partner. From serviettes and runners to napperons and table cloths. In the country of taste, the collection is manufactured exclusively for Blycolin in various designs and stylish colour variations. Hence, exclusively for you to be able to distinguish yourself.

We develop our table linen from the best long-staple Egyptian cotton that undergoes various processes in order to guarantee the highest quality for durability. For instance, we use double-twined and combed threads to guarantee the shine and feel. That is why we also calender and mercerise the woven table linen, so it will remain extremely smooth. We guarantee colourfastness, so you can be assured that your colours remain uniform for many years. No matter how often we launder it industrially for you. We accomplish this, among other things, by dyeing the threads before weaving and by pre-treating the table linen with optical white. Coloured table linen remains just as colourfast thanks to the pre-treatment.

Our table linen collection comes in all common dimensions and a choice of designs. Trendsetting new styles are added constantly, like the sustainable Ravenna GOTS and Perugia table linen which testifies to your guests that Corporate Social Responsibility is also on your menu.

ISO 9001




SA 8000

ISO 26000