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Blycolin. The international partner in linen services for (care) hotels, restaurants, holiday villages and wellness centres. Forty years of experience and knowledge. In the Netherlands and beyond. Offering personal advice. As your linen partner in hospitality, we are committed to contribute to the quality you offer your guests. Pleased to meet you!

Your success is our success

The core activity of Blycolin has always been the rental of professional linen and textiles for bed, bath, table and kitchen in the hospitality industry. It goes without saying that is still the beating heart of Blycolin. But in forty years’ time we have developed several new products and services that have turned linen rental into the household term for linen services. One a level of quality that you expect and demand of a linen partner that takes linen completely off your mind. We put all our experience and expertise into offering accurate and competent service.

You will find that our experience and specialist knowledge in linen matters has grown into a true passion for the hospitality industry. We give you personal and customized advice, completely in line with your company policy. And of course, we will take care of everything needed to ensure your linen management proceeds smoothly so you can focus on other things. Your success is our success, is the motto we cherish wholeheartedly.

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