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CSR and sustainability

Linen service takes a great toll on the environment. That is why, together with our partners, we continuously strive for innovative solutions, honest linen products and friendly processes. Sustainability to us is no longer an option, it is interwoven in our entire chain. We’d like to give advice on sustainability in your company.

"Sustainability is a hot topic in the hotel business."

Just be sustainable, our estate is now guaranteed and certified carbon-neutral....
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ISO 26000

An international guideline to put sustainable entrepreneuring into practice. The guideline entails the environment, human rights, honest business, organizational management, working conditions, consumer interests and social responsibility. Do you want to know how we do that?

Sustainable linen management
is partnership

As a partner of MVO Nederland, we continuously try to improve our sustainability. In our processes, relationships and products. We prefer to do so with our customers. This way, we can strengthen each other with sustainable collections, recycling of materials and savings in energy and costs.

Whitepaper Sustainable linen rental

Sustainable together

  • Saving energy and water
  • Green Key Certification
  • With smart logistics decrease CO2 footprint
  • Recycling and re-using materials
  • Sustainable linen production and collection
  • Communications to your guests

Laundry & transport

Together with our laundries, we continuously invest in new processes:

  • Steamless laundries
  • Gas-fired wringers
  • Dryer optimization
  • Environmentally-friendly detergents
  • Optimalization linen packages
  • Fine-tuning delivery frequency
  • Economic Euro6 trucks


Our sustainable collection

The Chetna Project
Love for the source

A considerable part of the Pure Eco Collection is manufactured of cotton that is grown in the Chetna Organic & Fairtrade Project. Chetna cooperates with small farmers. The goal: sustainable agriculture and improvement of living conditions, so the farmers can completely and fully provide for their own livelihood.
Discover more in our honest linen story.

Pure Eco Collection
Pretty responsible

All linen products in this collection are manufactured with soft 100% biological cotton with two labels: GOTS is the worldwide standard that ensures environmentally-friendly materials are used and procedures are followed. Fairtrade indicates that the farmers involved receive an honest pay and that child labor is banned.

Please check out our Collection.


While developing new products, we also consider the recycling of materials. For instance, we are now in the process of testing Comeback, a runner manufactered of recycled denim. This is not only sustainable and strong, but also distinguishing and authentic.


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Sustainable linen rental