Textile with attention 
to people and the environment

Linen service demands a lot of the environment. That is why we continually cooperate with our partners on innovative solutions, honest linen products and friendly processes. We go for long term solutions and look beyond our own organization to see the entire chain. With attention to people, the environment and materials, we take steps every day for a cleaner environment and a sustainable society.

"Sustainability is a hot topic in the hotel business."

Just be sustainable, our estate is now guaranteed and certified carbon-neutral....
SBI Landgoed Zonheuvel Roland Delnoij

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Equality, trust and clear agreements form the basis of our method. In SDG 8, honest working relationships and working conditions are central. SDG 12 makes us strive for sustainable production and consumption.


The goal is a completely circular linen chain, innovation in laundry processes and less water and energy consumption. Curious how we do that?

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Clear and transparent
about sustainability

Sustainability is only credible when we do what we say and we show what we do. An indispensable part of transparency is openness about the source of products and materials. That is why our Product DNA shows where our materials come from. From the location of the cotton production, right up to our direct suppliers. Besides this, our Life Cycle Analysis indicates the true impact of our textile products across the entire lifespan. As we are part of a larger supply chain, we also continuously discuss these issues with our partners.

Please see our Product DNA


Our sustainable collection

Pure Eco

Smart and sensible

Our sustainable collection is continually developing. The products comply with international standards, as shown by various certificates and labels. The Pure Eco collection is 100% organic cotton and GOTS certified. The new bath linen New Atlantic and Mare are also quality sustainable options.

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From production to processing, awareness is important in every step of the process. There are good agreements and cooperations within the linen chain. To secure the quality, we perform audits and map out the life cycle (LCA) of every product from our collection. For the Chetna project, good working conditions for the cotton farmers are a must. Discover more in our Honest linen story.

Green Key &
Green Globe

For hotels and restaurants with a Green Key or Green Globe Certificate, the origin and sustainable production of textile is an important factor. We support each initiative that strives for a sustainable linen chain and will gladly talk to you about this!


On our way to a
circular linen chain

Blycolin wants to use linen for as long as possible. And when that’s no longer possible? Then we try to give the linen a second lease of life or to recycle it. Our goal is to close the linen chain.

Together with suppliers and partners, various initiatives have been started to develop innovations. One of those developments is Cibutex, in which fellow linen rental companies have joined forces for a new corporation in Circular Textile. And then there are Comeback, Reborn and Reused: 3 inspiring concepts that contribute to circular hospitality linen.


“Sustainable washing is also part of the Zuiver image”

The laundry complies with all quality demands and industrial washing is also more sustainable....
Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver Edwin Kempes

Sustainability is

Tight cooperation with our customers, our textile suppliers, our own laundries and laundry partners is essential for a successful strategy in sustainability. We inspire one another to be sustainable. Smarter, more efficient and better is our motivation; always in motion, with an eye on the future. For instance, we have been in yearlong partnerships with our laundries and have entered into various other partnerships for a more sustainable world.


Sustainable together

  • Hotel for Trees
  • Made Blue
  • Cibutex
  • MVO Nederland
  • Chetna
  • Remade / Reuse
  • Green Deal: Blycolin & Beirholm
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