Special products in
our established collection

Good duvet covers and pillows are essential when making up your rooms. In our purchase collection, you will find eveything you need to stock your linen room, from duvet covers to table protectors and laundry bags. These articles are perfectly washable in an industrial laundry and have been tested for intensive use. Handy, time-saving and of the same high quality as the linen in our rental collections.



Excellent moisture regulation, permanent spring power and anti-allergenic. The duvets are washable, for optimum hygiene.




Soft and firm support, comfortable pillows of various materials and with varying filling.




Pure Eco

Sustainably producted pillows and duvets of 100% biological, fairtrade cotton with recycled PET filling.



Mattress protection

Increase sleeping comfort and offer protection. Our cover and plateau flannels are washable and extra hygienic.



Table protection

For protection of the table, the tableware and your table linen. Even more comfort for your guests and a better-looking table.



Chef’s clothing

Dress your kitchen briagde perfectly and practically. You can with our chef’s clothing by Le Nouveau Chef.



Kitchen linen

This collection is perfectly suitable for professional use and does not lose any of its qualities after being washed over and over again.



Beautiful bathrobes for warmth and comfort. You can now also purchase these from us, with or without embroidery.



Covers & laundry bags

These will protect your hospitality linen during transport and storage. Your linen carts will also look nicer in the hallways.



While developing new products, we also consider the recycling of materials. For instance, we are now in the process of testing Comeback, a runner manufactered of recycled denim. This is not only sustainable and strong, but also distinghuising and authentic.