Complete linen service

We do not only supply nice towels, bed linen and table linen. Our linen is a service, that is brought to you clean, wrinkle-free and complete, time and time again. And if it’s a little busier than usual? Then we will provide an extra delivery and additional material immediately. In short, linen rental that fulfills all of your wishes.

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“Everything revolves around our guests' experience!"

Commotion, urgent questions, specific needs and high demands: everything is possible with Blycolin....
Hard Rock Hotel Amsterdam American Mandy Williams


of linen service

Carefree linen management means:

Always enough linen: with our 100% delivery guarantee, 24/7 service, adequate stock management and speedy back orders, you will never lack anything.

Pay per use: you only pay for the linen when you use it. This way, the costs of linen run parallel to your occupancy and it will save you from a hefty investment.

Quality and sustainability: high quality linen products, stictly formulated specifications, CSR policy and certification for the entire chain.

We make your linen story fit to size

How much linen do you need? When should deliveries be made? And how do we arrange storage and internal logistics? Our regional managers will happily discuss your specific linen situation with you.

With attention to sustainability and CSR

Sustainable processes

Quality is imbedded in everything we do. From the environment and laundry processes to stock management and financial security: we continously invest in new production processes. We take our CSR responsibility seriously. Less water, less CO2 emission, sustainable products: they have our full attention.

Reliable partners

We believe in the strength of long-term cooperation and are willing to invest in relationships. Really getting to know our customers and involving our suppliers as partners in our service. Cooperation is also: knowing what to expect from each other. That is recorded in a clear Service Level Agreement (SLA). This is drafted together with you and fit to size.

Pure Eco collection

All linen products in our collection are made of soft 100% biological cotton with two quality labels: GOTS is the worldwide standard, that ensures environmentally-friendly resources are used and the proper procedures are followed. Fairtrade indicates that the farmers involved receive an honest price and that child labor is banned.


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Linen stories of our customers

Mark & Annemarie

"We can outsource our complete linen management"

We were there from the very beginning and are still enthusiastic about their linen service....
Hotel Wesseling
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Francisca van Nieuwenhuizen

"Pillows and Blycolin developed the special Pillows Collection."

A rich, comfortable look and practical to use: the linen that matches us....
Pillows Hotels
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Roland Delnoij

"Sustainability is a hot topic in the hotel business."

Just be sustainable, our estate is now guaranteed and certified carbon-neutral....
SBI Landgoed Zonheuvel
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René Giel

"Our concept only works in co-creation with partners"

A former monastery with 125 rooms and 25 halls requires cooperation in linen management....
Conferentiehotel Kontakt der Kontinenten
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Hans van der Heijden

“The logistic process has been customized for us.”

The linen process is customized like a tailor-made suit for every hotel in our group....
Carlton Hotel Collection
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Edwin Kempes

“Sustainable washing is also part of the Zuiver image”

The laundry complies with all quality demands and industrial washing is also more sustainable....
Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver
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Mandy Williams

“Everything revolves around our guests' experience!"

Commotion, urgent questions, specific needs and high demands: everything is possible with Blycolin....
Hard Rock Hotel Amsterdam American
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