"We couldn't wait to test the Comeback"
Industrial and recycled: Comeback matches our look and sustainability policy perfectly.
Beach apartments De Gulden Stroom Joost van Damme
“Committed partners and always honest advice."
Deliveries run smoothly and our stock is always up to the mark, even in high seasons.
Best Western Hotel Slenaken Tilo Meijer
"Special requests are the greatest challenges for us."
When dining, the table should have clean, stylish linen. Only then, the picture is perfect.
Restaurant Het Bergpaviljoen Ed van den Bor
"Unique and simple: attention is the ultimate luxury"
To us, the guests are most important. We also expect that mindset from our suppliers.
La Bergere Group Josine Vendrik
"Pillows and Blycolin developed the special Pillows Collection."
A rich, comfortable look and practical to use: the linen that matches us.
Pillows Hotels Francisca van Nieuwenhuizen
"Capacity and innovative power: deliver quickly, save smartly."
Laundry should get back to our customers quickly, as sustainable as possible, at low costs.
Wasserij Meerzicht Rem van Dommelen
“Everything revolves around our guests' experience!"
Commotion, urgent questions, specific needs and high demands: everything is possible with Blycolin.
Hard Rock Hotel Amsterdam American Mandy Williams
“Sustainable washing is also part of the Zuiver image”
The laundry complies with all quality demands and industrial washing is also more sustainable.
Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver Edwin Kempes
"Our concept only works in co-creation with partners"
A former monastery with 125 rooms and 25 halls requires cooperation in linen management.
Conferentiehotel Kontakt der Kontinenten René Giel
"With Blycolin, we don't have to worry about our linen anymore."
A contemporary interpretation of linen management in an age-old decor. A special combination.
De draak & residence Dagmara Frans Hazen
"We can outsource our complete linen management"
We were there from the very beginning and are still enthusiastic about their linen service.
Hotel Wesseling Mark & Annemarie
“We are Green Key certified with 28 rooms.”
Show that responsible and sustainable is pleasurable, and Pure Eco fits the bill perfectly.
Stenden Hotel Anita van de Meer
"Sustainability is a hot topic in the hotel business."
Just be sustainable, our estate is now guaranteed and certified carbon-neutral.
SBI Landgoed Zonheuvel Roland Delnoij
“The logistic process has been customized for us.”
The linen process is customized like a tailor-made suit for every hotel in our group.
Carlton Hotel Collection Hans van der Heijden