Specialized laundries

Confidence that the linen is clean and crisp. Every time. That requires care and attention for the material and … knowledge about cleaning textile. With our professional laundries, your linen is in the hands of true specialists. People who know how to maintain high quality collections and how to keep white brilliantly white.

“Sustainable washing is also part of the Zuiver image”

The laundry complies with all quality demands and industrial washing is also more sustainable....
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Quality guaranteed

With a national network of laundries, we will look for a partner that is closest to you. Besides this, we constantly monitor:

  • Removal of dirt and stains
  • Make-up of containers
  • Continuity and sustainability
  • Laundry capacity and final quality

Always close by
Network of laundries

We work with our own eight laundries, as well as 150 partner laundries in five countries. There is always one close to your company. This means we will not only be with you quickly, it is also efficient and better for the environment. By cooperating intensively and monitoring regularly, we can guarantee sustainable processes and high quality.

Outsource linen management?


Every drop counts

With ‘a litre for a litre’, we mirror the water use in our laundry. This means that we make as much clean drinking water available in developing countries as we use in our laundry every year. For this project, Blycolin cooperates with Mövenpick and is partner of:

Duurzaamheid & water

Van douchende gasten tot het wassen van de lakens; in de hotelwereld wordt dagelijks enorm veel water verbruikt. Beschikbaarheid van schoon drinkwater is essentieel, maar niet vanzelfsprekend. Duurzaamheid wordt daarom steeds belangrijker en vereist een vooruitstrevende bedrijfsvoering. Wij doken in de wereld van Water & Duurzaamheid en zagen hoe Mövenpick, Blycolin en Made Blue dit aanpakken.

Posted by HorecaNederland.TV on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Attention to
sustainable laundry processes

In cooperation with the laundries, we continuously invest in sustainable processes. Dryer optimization, new dehydration presses and the EU Ecolabel Cool Chemistry washing concept are examples of this. The Laundry Dashboard provides employees insight in savings in energy and water per kilo of laundry.


The washing process
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Top laundries wanted

Blycolin works with a large network of laundries. To keep the level of washing services as high as possble for our customers, we always want to make contact with new industrial laundries. Partners that, like us, work on sustainable processes and sustainable partnernships.

"Capacity and innovative power: deliver quickly, save smartly."

Laundry should get back to our customers quickly, as sustainable as possible, at low costs....
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