Meet the Comeback
21 Jun 2017
Giving clothing, textile or linen a second lease on life is not just a marketing gimmick or trendy fad. With millions of kilos of textile waste…
Sustainability: how clean is your linen?
16 Apr 2017
Only with partners and customers, we can take steps that matter. Curious to find out how we focus on sustainability?
Unique linen collection by Pillows & Blycolin
28 Mar 2017
The challenge was to find linen that is special, yet practical and stylish. Pillows and Blycolin therefore developed “Pillows linen” together.
Every drop counts: sustainability and water
17 Jan 2017
Blycolin is a partner of Made Blue. With the motto ‘A liter for a liter’, we mirror the water usage in our laundry.
Blycolin’s campaign: ‘Discover our linen story!’
22 Dec 2016
“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” Actually, the same goes for linen: you won’t know how…
A liter for a liter: a fair deal!
20 Dec 2016
We do quite a bit of laundry at Blycolin. Every day, trucks filled with linen and bathrobes come in to leave clean again.
The CosyPlaid: new in our collection
13 Dec 2016
Of some products, their function is very clear and unequivical. Think of a bath mat: you know exactly what it’s for. A plaid, on the other…
Blycolin Bunschoten wins FTN Energy Prize 2016
22 Nov 2016
We’re ordering cake, because we are celebrating! Our team works on saving water and energy every day, together with our partners and customers!
Washing with a certified EU Ecolabel
17 Nov 2016
The very first in the laundry business to use the renewed EU Ecolabel certified Cool Chemistry Hospitality washing concept.
Linen management: as unpredictable as…
13 May 2016
It would be the first real sunny weekend of that year. But all hotels rooms and even beach deck chairs being occupied, no one would have…
Chetna project: a better life for cotton farmers
4 Apr 2016
Chetna ensures farmers can use cotton seeds that provide good quality cotton and sustainable cotton seeds for the next crops.
Providing indirect drinking water to problem areas
23 Dec 2015
Made Blue has calculated our water footprint and invests in drinking water projects in areas of the world where access to clean water is not self-evident…
The living secret behind our linen service
18 Dec 2015
Our regional managers are the spider in the linen web that solve the linen room problems. They always help you out with personal advice.