A close look at linen: quality assurance through measurements and inspections
2 Feb 2024
This article focuses on various checks and inspections within the context of ‘quality assurance.’ Read the full article here!
Transparent and honest cotton from seed to production
2 Feb 2024
Blycolin is committed to more sustainable supply chains with fairer linen products, friendlier processes, and more innovative solutions. Read more about it!
CSR in every link: the SA8000 audit as guardian of socially responsible production
2 Feb 2024
The SA8000 audit, one of the pieces in Blycolin’s CSR puzzle. Read more here.
Save on laundry costs, water and even CO2
13 Jun 2023
In the summer of 2021, heavy weather damaged the monumental forest on the Zuylestein Estate in Leersum. Forests are essential for keeping our climate livable. Thanks…
Innovative Blycolin is ready for the future
7 Apr 2023
In 2022, Blycolin celebrated 50 years in business. For this occasion, Marc was interviewed by Hospitality Management. Read the full article here.
Recycling textile? This is circular hotel linen!
1 Sep 2022
Blycolin works with sustainable linen. For example, we offer products that are (partially) made from recycled textiles. But what do we do with the textiles that…
Blycolin co-founder and part of Cibutex
7 May 2022
A completely circular textile branch: that is CIBUTEX’s goal. The cooperation CIBUTEX, founded earlier this year, wants to bring about a fully circular textile branch with…
Blycolin takes over Laundry Wasserij Meerzicht
14 Feb 2022
Blycolin, a partner in linen service for hospitality companies for 50 years, will take over Wasserij Meerzicht from Katwijk aan Zee on March 1st. Wasserij Meerzicht…
Clean drinking water for everyone
6 Feb 2022
Today, it’s International Drinking Water Day. At Blycolin, we feel this is an important day. Not just because sufficient clean drinking water is vital for all…
Blycolin ambassador of Hotels for Trees
19 Dec 2021
Blycolin has entered into a partnership with Hotels for Trees, a foundation that plants a treee every time a hotel room cleaning is skipped.
Blycolin becomes Founding Partner of Hotels for Trees
17 Dec 2021
Press release: Blycolin becomes Founding Partner of Hotels for Trees  
Transparency as the foundation of sustainability
15 Dec 2021
Transparency as the foundation for sustainability. We have mapped out the supply chain of our collection in cooperation with Product DNA.
Life Cycle Analysis of hotel linen
11 Dec 2021
Once you know how to impact of your product is determined, you can work on decerasing it. Read how we do just that. .
Blycolin takes over Wasserij Klein
5 Oct 2021
Blycolin, partner in linen services for the hospitality industry for nearly 50 years, takes over Wasserij Klein in Kolham as of October 1st. Wasserij Klein has…
Clean (drinking) water: how do we handle it?
9 Aug 2021
Water is one of the primary necessities of our lives. We simply cannot live without it. But, water is also a scarcity. What are the things…
Grüner Knopf for sustainable textiles
25 May 2021
We are proud of two of our suppliers, Beirholm and Dibella, for having been awarded the Grüner Knopf certification by the German goverment.
Labels and hallmarks for sustainable hotel linen
15 Apr 2021
In a previous blog, we introduced you to our GreenDeal. This is yet another way in which we take our reponsibility for a more sustainable world.…
Recycled bed linen on your shoulder, Reused Remade
2 Mar 2021
Recycled bed linen around your shoulder or grocery shopping with old bed sheets, who wouldn’t want that? The first 20 pallet boxes, 6000 kilos, of rejected…
Blycolin supports the Red Cross
17 Dec 2020
Despite all the setbacks we’ve had this year, it’s a good time to think of those who are having an even harder time. People who have…
Blycolin and Beirholm join forces for sustainable textile ‘GreenDeal’ hotel linen a fact
20 Nov 2020
Linen supplier Blycolin and linen supplier Beirholm have been working together for a long time. In terms of content, but also in realizing a sustainable future…
Video 4/4: quality and continuity
24 Sep 2020
Quality and continuity are important starting points for our collection. In this video, Corporate Procurement Manager Nicolet Keetelaar talks about quality.
Video 3/4: the many aspects of sustainability
17 Sep 2020
The term sustainability cannot be captured in a single description. It is about people and the environment and, above all, about the long-term aspect. Producer Sapphire,…
Video 2/4: working together for a healthy linen chain
7 Sep 2020
In this video Sapphire, Beirholm and Blycolin talk about the importance of good cooperation. 
Video 1/4: Blycolin against social grievances
17 Jul 2020
Blycolin’s Corporate Procurement Manager visited the textile factories of producer Sapphire in Pakistan at the invitation of supplier Beirholm, to see that part of the supply…
Blycolin remains open and accessible to customers
20 Mar 2020
In these uncertain times, we would like to let you know how Blycolin deals with the situation that has affected all of us.
IMPORTANT: protocol corona virus
13 Mar 2020
As a hotelier, you receive a wide variety of guests. It is possible that you will have to deal with a guest in your hotel who…
Blycolin takes over laundry Vadotex
3 Feb 2020
Laundry facility Vadotex in Spijkenisse near Rotterdam has been a specialist in washing hospitality laundry since 1980. Blycolin and Vadotex have been working together for many…
In 2020, all table linen is made with GOTS cotton
15 Jan 2020
For years now, we have table linen woven of GOTS cotton in our collection. Hotels, recreational parks and restaurants have increasingly been choosing this organic table…
Blycolin takes over Laundry De Blinde
25 Mar 2019
Blycolin, for almost 50 years partner in linen services for hospitality companies, takes over Laundry De Blinde as of March 25. De Blinde was part of…
Reborn bed sheet: latest circular innovation by linen partner Blycolin
30 Nov 2018
Reborn, a bed sheet that consists of 50% recycled cotton, is Blycolin’s latest sustainable development. The linen partner from Zaltbommel in the Netherlands developed a product…
The art of collaboration
11 Jul 2018
Jen Marsden delves into how collaboration is making an impact in the Indian sustainable cotton industry.
How Chetna’s results motivate to take new initiatives
17 Apr 2018
Nicolet, our purchase manager visited the cotton factory, plantations and educational centers of our supplier in India.
An inside view of the process of our supplier and the India cotton farmers
13 Apr 2018
We received a special invitation: supplier Dibella asked Nicolet, our purchase manager, to come and take a look in India.
Sustainable comfort at your feet – The ‘Stone’ bathmat is renewed
26 Feb 2018
A bathmat means comfort. Soft and warm underneath your feet, where you can truly feel it: the bathroom.
‘It goes further than just checking everything’ How audits can help us improve the linen chain
23 Jan 2018
Every once in a while, our calendar says: ‘To Turkey!’. Not for our holidays, but to visit our manufacturers. At Blycolin, we like to check ourselves…
Hotel room of the future: Three years of testing innovations at the Prinsenhof
23 Jan 2018
More and more guests select hotels based on their sustainability policy. The hotel rooms of Prinsenhof Suite have been designed as sustainable as possible.
Stop! That is not what your hospitality linen is for.
23 Jan 2018
It may seem harmless: using a towel to wipe down the shower. But it wasn’t intended for that purpose and will therefore wear out faster. A…
5 reasons to choose sustainable hospitality linen
23 Jan 2018
To be honest, the choice to be sustainable makes so much sense to us that it is almost difficult to write something about it. That is…
Meet the Comeback
21 Jun 2017
Giving clothing, textile or linen a second lease on life is not just a marketing gimmick or trendy fad. With millions of kilos of textile waste…
Sustainability: how clean is your linen?
16 Apr 2017
Only with partners and customers, we can take steps that matter. Curious to find out how we focus on sustainability?
Unique linen collection by Pillows & Blycolin
28 Mar 2017
The challenge was to find linen that is special, yet practical and stylish. Pillows and Blycolin therefore developed “Pillows linen” together.
Every drop counts: sustainability and water
17 Jan 2017
Blycolin is a partner of Made Blue. With the motto ‘A liter for a liter’, we mirror the water usage in our laundry.
Blycolin’s campaign: ‘Discover our linen story!’
22 Dec 2016
“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” Actually, the same goes for linen: you won’t know how…
A liter for a liter: a fair deal!
20 Dec 2016
We do quite a bit of laundry at Blycolin. Every day, trucks filled with linen and bathrobes come in to leave clean again.
The CosyPlaid: new in our collection
13 Dec 2016
Of some products, their function is very clear and unequivical. Think of a bath mat: you know exactly what it’s for. A plaid, on the other…
Blycolin Bunschoten wins FTN Energy Prize 2016
22 Nov 2016
We’re ordering cake, because we are celebrating! Our team works on saving water and energy every day, together with our partners and customers!
Washing with a certified EU Ecolabel
17 Nov 2016
The very first in the laundry business to use the renewed EU Ecolabel certified Cool Chemistry Hospitality washing concept.
Linen management: as unpredictable as…
13 May 2016
It would be the first real sunny weekend of that year. But all hotels rooms and even beach deck chairs being occupied, no one would have…
Chetna project: a better life for cotton farmers
4 Apr 2016
Chetna ensures farmers can use cotton seeds that provide good quality cotton and sustainable cotton seeds for the next crops.
Providing indirect drinking water to problem areas
23 Dec 2015
Made Blue has calculated our water footprint and invests in drinking water projects in areas of the world where access to clean water is not self-evident…
The living secret behind our linen service
18 Dec 2015
Our regional managers are the spider in the linen web that solve the linen room problems. They always help you out with personal advice.