23 Jan 2018

5 reasons to choose sustainable hospitality linen

To be honest, the choice to be sustainable makes so much sense to us that it is almost difficult to write something about it. That is why we thought it made more sense so let our customers state our case.
Please meet Gerlinda Verspaget, Manager at TopParken. She lists five reasons to choose sustainable linen, specifically aimed at the Pure Eco line. And she can know, because she uses it herself.

1. Just because it is a great high quality product.

We have nothing to add here.

2. The consumer has come to expect sustainability.

We have a link for this argument.

3. It provides bonus points for your Green Key.

You can read more about that here.

4. It is not more expensive. Not much, at least.

The difference in price has decreased. As the economy is picking up, price has become less important, as says Gerlinda.

5. It is good for your image.

You can even distinguish yourself from your competitors.


Please also read the reference article by TopParken here.