20 Dec 2016

A liter for a liter:

a fair deal!

Can you imagine that we at Blycolin have our fair share of laundry? Every day, from all hotels, spas and wellness centers, truckloads of bed linen and bathrobes come in to go back fast and clean. All in all, a fair amount of water is used for laundering everything.

At Blycolin, we understand that this takes its toll on the environment and we readily take responsibility for that. For instance, by joining Made Blue. With Made Blue, we ensure that for every liter of water we use, one liter of clean drinking water is given back. This way, we take sustainable steps to a better world for everyone, together with our customers and partners.

When you take, you give something back, also when it concerns water

Did you know that in the Netherlands, we use about 1.1 billion liters of water every year? That is 1, liters.

Of course, such a number is hard to fathom. But when you know that an average Dutch person uses about 125 liters of water each day and an African person 20, you actually know enough. Then you will realize that we, as Dutch citizens (0,8 billion) and companies (0,3 billion), need to take action. At Blycolin, we do so with ‘Made Blue’.

Made Blue: making clean water accessible to everyone

You may have noticed the logo on our trucks, but wondered who or what Made Blue actually is. Well, here goes: Made Blue is an organization that dedicates itself to make water globally available. To do so, the company invests in, for instance, water wells in Kenya or Senegal. In total, 2.7 billion people worldwide lack sufficient drinking water and Made Blue, together with Blycolin and many other companies, wants to change that by financing water projects.

What we can achieve together, for people and the environment!

Blycolin is a partner of Made Blue. That means that every drop of water we use to wash towels, bed linen and bathrobes in our own laundries, we give back to nature, and specifically there where it’s needed. Earlier this year, we learned that Made Blue has already realized 775 million liters of water in developing countries. A great result that feels right: to us, to you as a customer and to your guests.Of course, we are already wondering about  the 2017 contribution… One thing is certain: no matter how great or small a step, we keep on walking the sustainable path. Will you join us?