22 Dec 2016

Blycolin’s campaign:

‘Discover our linen story!’

Sleep-inducing linen story

“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” You might know or remember this line, it’s from the famous Joni Mitchell song Big Yellow Taxi. The same goes for linen: you only know how valuable it is, when it’s not at your disposal. Not only because you and your guests need it (where would one be without a towel or a duvet cover?), but also because it adds value to the experience in your establishment. Linen is a very important ingredient when it comes to ambience.

The story that feels right for every guest…

Linen is not only necessary or functional. It is also the inconspicuous but indispensable ambience creator. Whether it’s the newly-weds sleeping in, or a speaker at a conference taking a power nap: both situations require soft, clean linen to provide extra comfort. Linen is the silent witness of all that goes on in a hotel, wellness center or restaurant. Come to think of it: have you seen this clip already?

…and the story that provides you comfort

However, linen is also a product with which you have to work conveniently. Because, let’s face it, as a hotelier or manager of housekeeping, there are a thousand things to think about. Then, it is reasssuring that your foundation, your linen, is always of high quality and in stock. Whichever unexpected situation occurs, with the right linen service, you are always prepared for anything.

Discover the power of linen. ‘Discover our linen story’.

Blycolin will gladly tell you what’s important in linen service. Insight and inspiration in that area will ensure that your day, and also your guest’s day, will run smoother. With the new campaign ‘Discover our linen story’, we take you with us in stories about linen and linen stories. That way, you can always rest assured that you make the softest choice.