19 Dec 2021

A tree for every hotel

how does that work?

For Blycolin and its relations, 2021 was a frantic year with periods of upscaling and periods of downscaling. A strong appeal was made to everyone’s strength, resourcefulness and flexibility. Considering how we made it through the year, we can give ourselves a pat on the back.

Although it was hard at times to look beyond our own business problems, we face even bigger challenges in Europe. Such as those of a better environment and less CO2 emissions.We wondered how we can make a positive contribution to these causes in the hospitality branch to make a real impact with each other. Our solution is Hotels for Trees, a foundation that plants a tree for every skipped hotel room cleaning.

As of December 2021, Blycolin is a founding partner of Hotels for Trees. We offer the foundation financial support for at least the next five years. A great intiative for sustainability in the hospitality branch.

Marc van Boekholt
CEO Blycolin:

“This wonderful initiative makes a direct sustainable impact and as Hotels for Trees ambassador, we very much look forward to convincing our hotel clients to join this movement. Each stayover room that isn’t cleaned but has a tree planted costs us a little bit of revenue, however this does add one more tree to the total. We can’t think of a more tangible way of making positive impact.”


Benefits of ambassordship

For our relations – hotels, restaurants and wellness centers – Blycolin’s ambassadorship means a cost reduction. And for us all, it means a better living environment with less CO2 emissions. We therefore welcome new partners. For every hotel that joins Hotels for Tress, Blycolin will plant the first tree.

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“Step by step
we decrease
our footprint”

100,000 trees

Floris Licht, Chief Tree Planting Officer at Hotels for Trees, sees an important step in the growth pf Hotelks for Trees in this partnership: “In December 2021, we plant the 5,000th tree and we are currently expanding into Germany, Austria and France. With the support of Blycolin, we hope to be able to plant at least 100,000 trees in 2022.”


About Hotels for Trees

Hotels for Trees wants to make the hotel branch in Europe more sustainable permanenttly by convertiing saving in hotel room cleaning into newly planted trees. The goal is to expand into Euopa over the next fe years and, with all our partners, plant as least one million trees every year from 2025 onwards.