17 Dec 2020

Our most beautiful gift:
a hot meal and a roof

Blycolin supports the Red Cross

For Blycolin – many of our customers and associates – it was a very difficult year. Without a doubt, the hospitality industry is one of the industries hit the hardest by Covid 19. For some of our clients, this resulted in  (temporary) closure, while in other periods the number of guests has been very disappointing.

Despite all the setbacks we’ve had this year, it’s a good time to think of those who are having an even harder time. People who have no reserves to fall back on and for whom even the most basic things like food and shelter are not) self-evident (anymore). Of course, this is not something unique for 2020, but Covid 19 has especially affected the most vulnerable people…

In May of this year, the Red Cross launched a National Action Plan for the relief of the corona crisis. With this plan, the organization wants to help a total of about 460,000 people. In most cases concerning matters such as the transport of people who may have been infected with the coronavirus to a nearby test location or help with sources and contact research. But it is also about helping the most vulnerable people in our society by giving them food, aid, shelter, and psychosocial support.

That is why this year Blycolin supports the Red Cross with a donation, specifically in the form of food, aid, and shelter. We also support clothing banks in the Netherlands. Two goals are a safety net for the most vulnerable group of people in need. At the same time, we believe that it is precisely these goals that connect well with Blycolin. Textiles – clothing – is our core business, while meals and shelter are the specialties of our customers and partners.


About the Red Cross

Helping people in need. That is what the Red Cross stands for. Close by, when people need help because of the coronavirus.


For example, the Red Cross distributes food parcels in various places in the Netherlands to people who are currently unable to ”stay above water”. But also far away.

The Red Cross helps people who have lost their loved ones or whose house has been wiped away by natural disasters. Also, the organization prepares people for crises and makes every effort to limit the consequences of disasters as much as possible. With the largest volunteer aid network in the world, the Red Cross is always nearby. To help when needed.

The Dutch Red Cross is an association that consists of almost 15,000 volunteers, 500,000 members and donors, and over 80,000 Ready2Helpers. Over 400 professionals support the activities of all these volunteers to help as many people in need as possible. In total, the Dutch Red Cross has 197 departments.