5 Oct 2021

Blycolin takes over Wasserij Klein

Blycolin, partner in linen services for the hospitality industry for nearly 50 years, takes over Wasserij Klein in Kolham as of October 1st. Wasserij Klein has been working intensively with Blycolin since 1988.

Blycolin purchases Wasserij Klein’s corporate activities

Blycolin takes over a company that has built its knowledge and expertise in laundering hospitality linen since 1937. Nowadays, Wasserij Klein has 35 employees. The company has a processing capacity of 70,000 kilos of laundry every week. Wasserij Klein will continue to operate under the name of Blycolin Laundry Kolham.

Strategic takeover

The takeover fits Blycolin’s strategy to increase its own laundry capacity. Important values of Wasserij Klein, such a customer-orientation, focus on quality and continuous innovation, match Blycolin’s core values very well.

“With this takeover, Blycolin now adds the eighth laundry to its portfolio of laundries. The takeover will help us realise the intended growth of our company and secure the continuity of our services to our customers”,
Marc van Boekholt, CEO of Blycolin states. For those same reasons, Blycolin took over a large laundry in Heerenveen in March of 2019 and early 2020, a takeover of a specialised laundry near Rotterdam followed.

Wasserij Klein and Blycolin have been working together intensively since 1988. Owner Peter Heller will continue to provide support to the laundry, but also wants to expand his horizon and focus on other activities.

Blycolin and Heller will not disclose any financial details regarding this takeover.

About Blycolin

Blycolin rents linen to hotels, wellness centres and restaurants. In the Benelux area, Germany, Poland and Switzerland, the company has been supplying the hospitality branch with its own laundries and a large number of partner laundries on a daily basis for almost 50 years. Blycolin relieves its customers with a unique service proposition, while Blycolin’s linen provides maximum comfort to the guests. Quality and sustainability are always key in this. www.blycolin.com

Note to the editor (not for publication)

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