20 Nov 2020

Blycolin and Beirholm join forces for sustainable textile GreenDeal’ hotel linen a fact

Linen supplier Blycolin and linen supplier Beirholm have been working together for a long time. In terms of content, but also in realizing a sustainable future with more sustainable textiles. Now both organizations want to make this cooperation for sustainability concrete and transparent. The result is a unique partnership: the GreenDeal.

Hotel guests always come into contact with textiles. During sleep, dinner or shower. Guests are interested in where this textile comes from, how it is manufactured and what happens to the textile after use. The production and washing of textiles is a great burden to bear for the environment. A lot of water and energy is used. Thanks to modern technology, however, this burden can be significantly reduced. A lot is unclear in the complex and often long production chain of textiles. Chain-wide action and more transparency are needed, and Blycolin and Beirholm are now taking the next step.


Insight into the journey of textiles

Organizations talk a lot about sustainability. But how do you make sustainability transparent and demonstrable? Blycolin and Beirholm believe that their sustainability efforts need more transparency. That’s why they have now joined forces in one digital concept: The GreenDeal Network. This will visualize the entire journey of sustainable hotel textiles.

To make it more concrete: together they will ensure that the products purchased by Blycolin and supplied by Beirholm become increasingly sustainable. For example, by scrutinizing processes and saving on scarce resources, by choosing a label or hallmark, and by making it clear where the textile is produced and under which circumstances. The GreenDeal brings all this in focus on one website, so the customer and the guests have clear insight into where a textile product comes from and what journey it has made. From picking the cotton to weaving, transport and laundry.

By visualizing the chain clearly, it becomes apparent how many steps are needed for a beautifully and sustainably made bed. The Green Deal of Blycolin and Beirholm does not only consist of actions in the here and now, but also of a lasting commitment to work on more sustainable textiles. The website also shows the progress made in this area.


Blycolin is continuously striving to make its services more sustainable. On the one hand in the production of textiles, on the other hand in their laundry. Blycolin cannot deny that the production and laundry of hospitality textile demands a lot from the environment. Water, energy, fuel are scarce resources to be handled with caution. Saving these resources is very important. Not only savings are spearheads, so are transparency and honest business. All suppliers with whom they do business have therefore signed the so-called Code of Conduct, with which they comply with the requirements that Blycolin sets with regard to people and the environment.

With their own eyes

Green? Deal! That’s the simple motto behind the sustainability that Blycolin and Beirholm are using together. To make a greener future a reality, everyone must be able to see the difference with their own eyes. Visitors to can see the inside of a laundry, visit a textile manufacturer and see textile innovation right where it takes place.

In the coming period, Blycolin and Beirholm will continue their efforts to make textiles more sustainable and to make them transparent. For the benefit of the planet and the collective future of its inhabitants. Everyone is a stakeholder in sustainability. Your Future. Our GreenDeal.

About Blycolin

Blycolin rents linen to (care) hotels, wellness centers and restaurants. In the Benelux, Germany, Poland and Switzerland, Blycolin has been providing the hospitality industry with clean linen on a daily basis with its own laundries and a large number of partner laundries for almost 50 years. Blycolin takes care of its customers with a unique service proposition and Blycolin linen offers maximum comfort for guests. Quality and sustainability have always received great attention.

About Beirholm

Beirholm develops high-quality textiles, creates trendy designs and uses a sustainable purchasing platform to offer customers and partners – laundries, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes and hospitals – an optimal linen solution that fits the context. This partnership model is called “Context Engineered Textiles”. Together with like-minded partners, we reach new heights.