2 Mar 2021

Recycled bed linen around your shoulders

Blycolin participates in Reused Remade

We warmly welcome initiatives to produce, transport, process and re-use cotton in a more sustainable way. Even better: we participate in them or initiate them. For years, we have participated in initiatives to extend the life of discarded hotel linen. We would like to announce the next destination for our discarded linen. Discarded hotel linen as a trendy bag.

A lot of cotton passes through us and our partners. Cotton that, if left to its own devices, has a considerable negative impact on people and the environment. That is why it is a priority at Blycolin to change this. The best and softest cotton for our customers, but less harmful to the environment. For a long time, rejected linen has been given a second life and used for often innovative projects. Our latest project also contributes to this: we now collect returnable linen for Reused Remade.

Reused Remade?

A Swedish company that makes beautiful bags of 100 percent recycled cotton: from bed, to bag, and beyond. To be able to do this, the company needs a continuous and reliable supply of used cotton. That’s where Blycolin comes in. Just like our suppliers Beirholm and Dibella, that have worked with ReusedRemade even longer.

At Reused Remade, they also worry about the environment. The founders have turned those worries into action. Actions to ensure that future generations grow up in a clean and liveable world. Even big goals start with something small. Every action counts, according to Reused Remade. Although what the company does is far from small. They not only make beautiful bags from recycled cotton, but also prove that recycling and upcycling used cotton at a large scale is commercially viable.

What are we going to do?

Re-used hotel linen is, of course, not a new concept. We wash used linen and return it to our customers fresh and as good as new. Time and time again and as sustainable as possible. Still, washable cotton does not have eternal life. Or, it didn’t used to. Because with our cooperation with Reused Remade, we have taken yet another step towards a closed textile chain.