23 Jan 2018

Hotel room of the future

Three years of testing innovations at the Prinsenhof

In the future, almost all services will be outsourced. From housekeeping to room service, from maintenance to marketing. Hotels will then be able to focus completely on their key business: hospitality.

Three important themes

In the hotel room of the future, there are three important themes: smart technology, sustainability and service. There will be no reception desk, but guests check in themselves using their smart phones. The hotel rooms will be smart: with one device, guests can control lighting, temperature, screens and music.

Sustainability and smart, clean processes

More and more guests select hotels based on their sustainability policy. The hotel rooms of Prinsenhof Suite have been designed as sustainable as possible.

On the Cradle to Cradle bed by Auping in the hotel room lies our Pure Eco bed linen. The pillows and bed sheets are made of a GOTS cover and have a recycled PET bottle filling. The decorative pillows and bed runner are produced from recycled denim jeans and the towels in the bathroom are of organic cotton.

Blycolin always seeks innovative, sustainable solutions for linen issues. That goes beyond products, by also focusing on smart and clean processes to achieve a sustainable chain. And by making customers and guests feel good.

Living Lab

Trend forecaster Vincent van Dijk of HBMEO has created a ‘living lab’ with a number of partners, where innovations for the hospitality branch are tested for three years. The hotel room of the future is made possible by various quality brands that have been selected based on sustainability and innovations. We are proud to be on this list of sustainable partners!