13 Mar 2020

As a hotelier, you receive a wide variety of guests. It is possible that you will have to deal with a guest in your hotel who is infected with the corona virus. Our branch organization Federatie Textielbeheer Nederland (FTN) keeps a close eye on the news and we adhere to their textile care protocol regarding the corona virus. We ask your attention for the following.

Partly because the transmission route of the virus is not yet known, we would like to ask you to contact Blycolin directly in the event of an infection within your company. We will then coordinate the procedure around the delivery of the laundry with you and bring points of attention into focus. This allows us to protect our employees, such as drivers and employees who work with dirty laundry. Moreover, we can only offer you the certainty that the laundry is sufficiently disinfected in terms of quality if you report it.

Background information
The survival of the corona virus outside a human host cell is limited. The limited survival and mode of infection makes the risk of third party infection via textiles small. However, survival of the virus may be longer in textiles contaminated with faeces, as previous experience with the SARS-1 Coronavirus has shown.

What do we do with (contaminated) laundry?
No contaminated laundry

  • You deliver your laundry as usual. This, of course, is in accordance with actual RIVM guidelines.

Contaminated laundry

  • You deliver the laundry separately, in separate and clearly marked bags. Do not overfill these bags, close the bag securely and do not place the bags in a container with uncontaminated laundry. The contaminated laundry is processed according to the guidelines.

How is contaminated linen treated?

  • Thermal disinfection – according to time/temperature regulations
  • Chemothermal disinfection – when using a washing process with disinfecting products approved by the CTGB

You can contact us by calling our office at 0418-541800 or call your account manager at your known telephone number.