6 Feb 2022

Clean drinking water

for everyone

Today, it’s International Drinking Water Day. At Blycolin, we feel this is an important day. Not just because sufficient clean drinking water is vital for all people, but also because in the production and treatment of textile a lot of water is used. We and our partners can therefore improve ourselves in many ways, which we continually do. One of our partners in this process is Made Blue.

First of all, some (very nice) figures about the results of almost ten years of partnership with Made Blue:

We have since made 110,552,250 liters of water available and in the next ten years 1,514 people will have access to clean drinking water, saving 774 tons of CO2 in the process as well.

Although access to clean drinking water is moving in the right direction, there are still millions of people without access to sufficient clean drinking water, with all the consequences that entails. That is why we support Made Blue in making clean water available to these people and we also look critically at our own water consumption.

110 millions of liters of water
made available
1514 people with access
to clean drinking water
774 tons of CO2

Frugal laundry

Blycolin’s hospitality linen is washed hundreds of times. As a result, our customers always have perfectly clean and fresh textiles, but we also use a lot of water. In recent years, we have done a lot to reduce water consumption in our laundries. We are organizing our washing process in a smarter way, for example with the Laundry Dashboard. This gives employees insight into the saving of energy and water per amount of washed linen. We realize these savings with, among other things, dryer optimization, new dewatering presses and the EU Ecolabel Cool Chemistry washing concept.


One liter
one liter


One liter for one liter

Despite all the savings, a lot of water is still needed to wash all our textiles. Together with Made Blue, we therefore mirror our water consumption according to the concept of ‘One liter for one liter‘. This way, we make a quantity of clean drinking water available in developing countries, equal to our consumption in laundries.

Our customers

In addition to reducing our own water consumption and investing in the availability of clean water elsewhere, we also work together with our customers in the chain. After all, we strongly believe that sustainability must be tackled throughout the entire chain. We can reduce water use everywhere and work towards a fairer distribution of clean water worldwide.

Do you also want to contribute to better availability of clean water in countries where this is not self-evident with your own organization? With these projects, Made Blue is working on clean drinking water for everyone. Of course, we would gladly discuss water saving with regard to linen management with you, so please make an appointment with our account manager if you would like to discuss this further.