16 Apr 2017


how clean is your linen?

Of course you want your linen to come back from the laundry looking sparkly clean. To find no stains at all, not even on the towel that has lasted for years. Just as important as a clean towel, is a clean chain. What do we mean by that? That the bed linen or restaurant linen is  really pure, when it’s made and handled with respect for people and the environment. Clean linen requires a sustainable process.

Sustainable linen: also important to your guest!

The linen chain reaches far, even up to the cotton plantation. To be able to put a sustainable product on a bed or a table, it is necessary that the entire chain is clean. From farmer to end user. Not only we find that important, but an incrasing number of guests is aware that we need to be more careful with our planet. And what’s more: they enjoy their stay more when they simultaneously contribute to our planet and those who live on it.

Sustainability starts with you, but is done together

We realize we cannot do it alone. Only together with partners and customers, we can take steps that matter. Are you curious what we, together with others, are working on to provide you with sustainable linen? Here goes…

1. The focus on products: linen ‘out of the top drawer’

What you want, is clean linen at your disposal. Linen that feels comfortable for your guests, but is also handy for housekeeping. At Blycolin, we know that quality and sustainability go hand in hand perfectly. While comprising our collection, we therefore focus on that combination. A great example is the Embrace collection. But also in the development of products, we search for this combination. Think of the Comeback, a bed runner made of recycled jeans. This is not only sustainable and strong, but also distictive and authentic.

2. The focus on service: from smarter to cleaner

To reduce our footprint on earth, we do not only focus on the products alone, but also on the process. Think of the transport required to bring the washed linen to the hotels, holiday parks and restaurants. Or of the washing that goes on day and night. In the area of transport, we cooperate with partners in green driving. And in our laundries, we use dashboards that provide detailed information about the use of energy and water. This way, we focus on improvement, also during the process.

3. The focus on innovation: because things can always be done better!

Let’s be honest: by producing linen, but also while washing it, we all use plenty of water. We also need chemicals to get everything clean. With sustainable initiatives, we make great progress in improvement, but there is still a lot to gain in our chain. That is why we focus on constant improvement. Take the renewed EU Ecolabel certified Cool Chemistry hospitality label our partner Cristeyns developed. With this, we wash at lower temperatures, which is better for the environment. “Will the linen get clean?”, you may wonder. Yes, it does! With innovative additives and a smarter washing process, the linen comes out spotlessly clean, and lasts longer to boot. Double sustainability!

Sustainability: does it have your focus?

Together with partners, we keep devoting ourselves to a cleaner linen chain. Sharing knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and perseverance is crucial, as appears from our cooperation with Made Blue and Mövenpick. (Horecanederland.tv made this video about it.). By the way, this does not only hold true for our partners, but also for our contact with you as a customer. Inspiring each other when it comes to sustainability: that’s the key to cleaner linen.

Would you like to know more about working more sustainably? In the area of linen rental and linen service, we are your partner. Please contact one of our advisors.