13 Dec 2016

The CosyPlaid:

new in our collection

CosyPlaid: new in our collection

Of some products, their function is very clear and unequivical. Think of a bath mat: you know exactly what it’s for. A plaid, on the other hand, is multifunctional. It is comfortable as you sit on your couch, adds a decorative touch to your interior design and keeps you pleasantly warm on a chilly terrace in the evening. To provide an extra comfortably warm feeling, we have developed the CosyPlaid: an ultra soft blanket that is easily washed and even more easily dried.

CosyPlaid: a warm welcome, whenever

The CosyPlaid provides your guests with a sense of warmth and comfort, at any moment. It is a warm and supple blanket that can be washed at 40 degrees Celsius and comes in 14 different colors. Think of anthracite, dark green, navy blue or dark lilac. Our advice: choose the color that matches your house style. This way, this multifunctional and comfortable plaid really finishes your style.

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