18 Dec 2015

The living secret

behind our linen service

The linen you offer your guests plays a large role in the complete experience they have at your establishment. You only have to check the hotel reviews to notice how many times bed or bath linen are mentioned. As guests should go home feeling pampered, so you ensure the linen in their rooms is top notch. Not only on an ‘average’ day, but also when you unexpectedly welcome a busload of tourists.

How we work on the best linen serice for your company

The key to offering the best experience and organizing the smartest process lies in one concept: linen service. At Blycolin, we work hard to supply you with the most optimal linen service for you and your guests. Herein, an important role is for our regional manager. She or he is the spider in the linen web that solves your problems in your linen room. She or he provides you with personal advice and helps you out when it’s needed.

Our regional manager is:

1. The stable partner in the day-to-day business

Our regional manager dives into a customer’s processes to find out together what the best linen solution entails. When that solution is found, the regional manager is the one that records all agreements and transfers this to a carefree linen service fit to your size. Do your circumstances change? Then your regional manager will help you map out the new requirements, as a basis for a new package that fits your new situation better. Even if that situation is challenging. For instance, one of our regional managers once found a new laundry for a customer, as there was some dissatisfaction. Nothing special, as long as it’s not during the holidays.

2. The flexible partner in the most unusual and busy situations

Sometimes, a hotel anticipates special days. For instance, when you receive a special guest or a celebrity. Or when your hotel is the operating base for visitors of an event close by. Such situations require a little extra. The regional manager will help you to temporarily adjust the linen management. Desiree (south of Limburg) visited the Kruisherenhotel in Maastricht, for instance, which was fully booked because of an André Rieu concert. While there, she figured out how the hotel could provide linen for every guests even in these hectic times.

3. The connecting partner with a good handle on the laundry

The linen we purchase is washed at partner laundries or at one of our own laundries. The agreements our regional manager makes with customers must be upheld by the laundry facility, so we can together provide the service you as a customer need. Think, for instance, of the types of products, or how a sheet should be folded. Our regional managers visit the laundries often. There, they can see the linen, keep an eye on the process for you, inspect and maintain the quality together with the laundry and handle possible complaints. Washing laundry is a substantial operation, which you will notice immediately when you visit our Blycolin Laundry in Maas-Mechelen.

4. The attentive partner that brings you a little pick-me-up right when you need it

We really aim to maintain the good relationships we have with all our partners and customers. That is why we visit our suppliers regularly and even their manufacturers. The regional manager and the customers in the region often build up a relationship, and then you sometimes think of each other outside of business. For instance, early July, we decided to bring the young Kaboom Hotel a little gift. The fourth floor of this little palace was still under construction, while the second and third were already fully in use. Operationally, that presented a challenge and that is why our ‘pillow present’ for a good night’s sleep came in handy for the Kaboom staff.