17 Nov 2016

Washing with

a certified EU Ecolabel

Blycolin, active for over 45 years in linen service for hotels and restaurants in the Benelux countries, Germany and Poland, is the first in the laundry business to use the renewed EU Ecolabel certified Cool Chemistry Hospitality washing concept. This concept is better for the environment than the existing solutions and keeps the linen well for longer at the same time. A new step by Blycolin to make processes more sustainable and provide maximum comfort at the same time.

Washing EU Ecolabel certified Cool Chemistry: better for our environment

Christeyns, specialist in the area of laundry technology and Blycolin’s supplier of detergents and chemicals, developed a sustainable washing concept. By using innovative additives and improving the washing process, they found a total solution that, among others, washes at lower temperatures and uses a smarter rinse process. By working with the EU Ecolabel certified Cool Chemistry Hospitality washing concept, Blycolin can now save more water and energy and make the process of the linen chain a little more environmentally-friendly.

The secret: innovation of chemistry and process

At the center of the washing concept is a specially developed cleaning agent. The secret of the detergent is the synergy between the enzymes and surfactants, that together create a strong stain remover. The renewed Cool Chemistry Washing Concept Hospitality complies with all EU Ecolabel authority’s standards.

The best for the world and the best for the laundry

Thanks to this washing concept, Blycolin can demonstrably work more environmentally-friendly, but the results are also better. The laundry remains more beautiful, because the product is pH neutral and washes at lower temperatures. The better removal of stains means less linen needs to be rewashed and therefore lasts longer. Which is also more sustainable.

Blycolin: ‘Sustainability and quality go hand in hand’

Blycolin is a company that constantly works on inproving the conditions for people and the environmeent in the linen chain. Jacqueline Mommer, marketing and communication manager: “We also try to involve our partners and suppliers. The improvements we make are never at the expense of the result. Better yet, when you always focus on both sustainability and quality, you can have them strengthen each other. The EU Ecolabel certified Cool Chemistry Hospitality washing concept is the perfect example of this and has already been implemented in our own laundries and in three of our partner laundries.”

Winner Energy Prize 2016: Proud of our team!

The steps Blycolin takes in making linen service for the hosptiality branch more sustainable have not gone unnoticed. Last November, we were awarded the FTN Energy Prize. For the third time in a row, we were nominated for the Energy Prize. Guillaume van Enter, Operational Director Laundries at Blycolin Bunschoten, is very pleased with the award: “We have been working on saving energy for years, it is top of mind for us. We have a dedicated team that works on this every day. I am so proud of them.”