Hard Rock Hotel Amsterdam American 

Blycolin can handle it

“I don’t have any experience with ‘own management’, but I dread to have to handle all the linen myself.” Mandy Williams is Executive Housekeeping at the Hard Rock Hotel Amsterdam American, a hotel on the Leidsekade. “When you outsource linen management, the quality and stock are always taken care of, so you have one less thing to worry about. But it goes beyond that: due to Blycolin’s experience, we understand the wishes of our guests in terms of linen better. And the urgent questions, requirements and demands are never an issue. Everything gets solved.”

Oprechte interesse

“The beautiful, soft fabrics of the pillows, duvets and bathrobes contribute to the experience our guests have at our hotel”


“The stock, the numbers, the commotion, the quality checks: Blycolin can handle anything. And the price is good. Monthly, I calculate the costs of linen per booked room and it always comes out fine. Moreover, Blycolin often surprises us with new products and events. For instance, our Housekeeping was treated to a fun and entertaining program recently. Blycolin shows genuine interest in us. That ensures we are not afraid to acknowledge our own shortcomings when we don’t have sufficient restaurant linen because of something we did. Or when the linen is wrinkled because we haven’t put away the sheets properly. With such a relationship, based on mutual understanding and two-way traffic, you can solve any problem.”