Best Western Hotel Slenaken

We are satisfied, so why change?

The Limburgian Meijer family consists of hotelkeepers pur sang. What started out as a local guest house in Epen, expanded into a hotel of international allure: the Best Western Slenaken. Blycolin has been involved from the very beginning. Director Tilo Meijer explains why. “We were satisfied. Why change?”

One less thing to worry about

The Meijer family maintains a warm relationship with dedicated contact person Desirée. “In thirty years, our company went from eight to sixty rooms. Blycolin grew with us. Desirée knows eactly what we need, is very involved and advises us excellently and honestly. Moreover, she always keeps a close eye to the process and the planning, so deliveries run smoothly and our stock is always up to the mark, even in high seasons. That is truly one less thing to worry about.”

Not for personal gain

The modern guest makes more demands, Meijer adds. Therefore, it is great that Blycolin advises on colors, materials and combinations. “That enables us to deliver the quality required from us. Also, in my experience, our hotel always comes first and not our personal gain. Of course, it is a commercial business, but if the more economical option is better for us, Blycolin will never recommend the more expensive option.”

Progressive in sustainablity

Meijer is also full of praise about Blycolin’s focus on sustainability. “Sustainability is a hot topic in the hospitality business. We all try to save as much water and energy as possible. Blycolin is critical of its methods and partners. Therefore, as a customer, you can rely on materials and washing methods complying with the lastest standards. That is not only progressive, it also makes our company look good.”

The highest hotel in the Netherlands

Discover Hotel Slenaken on top of the Loorberg, amidst the beautiful hills of Limburg.