Carlton Hotel Collection

Different locations, different requirements

The Carlton Hotel Collection is a special group of nine hotels and one under construction. Seven of those are located in the Netherlands, two in the United Kingdom and one in Belgium. Although they all sail under the same flag, all of the four star hotels have their own identity for both the recreational and the business guests. “We always present our hotels in relationship to the surroundings, the location and the decor”, Hans van der Heijden, Director of Operations at Carlton Hotels explains. In his position, he is, among other things, responsible for the linen management of the hotels in the Netherlands and Belgium. For the most part, he has placed that in the expert hands of Blycolin. “And I can recommend doing so to everyone.”

Like a tailor

The hotels of the Carlton Hotel Collection each have and safeguard their specific characteristics and that requires a lot of effort on the part of linen management. For instance, very efficient logistics. “That’s right”, the Director of Operations concurs. “Of our linen partner, we expect a complete attunement to the individual requirements of our hotels for the logistical process. That process should fit every hotel like a tailor-made suit. Blycolin is a true tailor in this respect. The collection and delivery of linen, the right amounts, the method of transport, the linen transport in containers and the time schedule that fit the ‘clock’ of every individual hotel. Also, Blycolin is very flexible.”

Blycolin is an added value to us.

“Blycolin offers carefree continuity and does so at a reasonable price. We are pleased with this cooperation”


Respectable and reliable

The Carlton Hotel Collection chose Blycolin to not have to worry about linen management. “To welcome our guests with quality, we have to be able to blindly trust the linen is available carefree. In other words, it means it has to be there, in the quality we chose, clean and without defects, correctly folded and sorted and in the right amounts. Also, you need more linen at unexpectly high occupancy. If you work with a partner that manages all those things very well, that’s one less thing to worry about. What we also consider to be carefree, is the fact that we don’t have to invest any capital in our linen collection. Blycolin takes care of the investments, so we can use our means to other ends. Sustainability is also an issue. Blycolin actively endorses corporate social responsiblity and translates that into all sorts of products and servcies. To us, it’s an advantage that we can hitch a ride on their CSR wagon and let that be a part of our own sustainability policy.”