Conferentiehotel Kontakt der Kontinenten

From monastery to meeting place

The management of Conferentiehotel Kontakt der Kontinenten has chosen Blycolin as the partner for its linen service in 2010. We are of course very pleased that we are able to enter a long-term cooperation with this amazing accommodation in woody Soesterberg. The immense conference hotel is, after all, an asset to our customer base.

Kontakt der Kontinenten consists of two independent organizations: Conference Hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten and Kontakt der Kontinenten Training & Consultancy. This combination dates back to about fifty years ago from the former Mission House St. Jan and more recently the Cenakel Monastery. These are two stately buildings, close to one another on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, and once served as monasteries. Now, it is a meeting place for people from all over the world. Over the years, the buildings have been renovated and extended, without losing their original grandeur. On the contrary. The grandeur is ever more present in all the rooms in the accommodations. Kontakt der Kontinenten is a multifunctional accommodation. In Klooster Cenakel, there are six meeting halls and a magnificent chapel with impressive murals.

“Blycolin understands what an organization requires to achieve the desired look.

“Conferentiehotel Kontakt der Kontinenten is in the midst of a renovation process whereby various investments in the hotel should ensure the hotel matches the guests’ wishes. In this process, we need co-creative partners that can help us to properly develop the concept. Blycolin is one of the partners that makes an enourmous contribution in this process when it comes to linen for beds, bathrooms and restaurant. Besides this, Blycolin is a very pleasant conversation partner that thinks along with us very well in times in which cost-effective operations are essential”.

Carefree linen managament to us is the complete outsourcing of our linen deliveries. We have a dedicated contact person at Blycolin, who knows our locations, so it’s easy to discuss business. Monitoring the linen package pro-actively is a joint effort, with regular inventories and additions, so we have found a suitable frequency to maintain the package. Besides this, sustainability is very important to us and with our Green Key certification, we comply with all requirements. Blycolin’s biological Pure Eco collection could be a nice step forward towards a more sustainable future at Kontakt der Kontinenten.