Hotel de Draak & Résidence Dagmara

The oldest hotel in the Netherlands

Since January of 2011, Hotel de Draak & Résidence Dagmara in Bergen op Zoom is one of our customers again. We are very pleased and proud, because it is rather special to be able to support the oldest hotel of the Netherlands with our services and products. A contemporary interpretation of linen management in an age-old decor. A special combination.

Hotel de Draak & Résidence Dagmara is located on the historical Grote Markt of the exuberant city of Bergen op Zoom. The hotel dates back to before 1397. The authenticity can still be found in the historical elements, the great collection of paintings, the goblins and the antique silverware. Besides these characteristic elements, the rooms and halls are of course furnished with all modern conveniences. Diagonally across the main building is Résidence Dagmara. This stylish annex from 1879 also boasts a considerable history. The building was constructed by the renowned architect Van Genk from Leur. All hotel rooms in the chain of historical buildings breathe an authentic ambience due to the original constructional elements. An ambience, that can hardly be found anywhere else but here.

“We didn’t want any more
worries about our linen management.”


“We had had Blycolin before as a aprtner for our hospitality linen”, Frans Hazen, director/owner of the magnificent complex Hotel De Draak says. “A number of years ago, we switched to another supplier. With them, we missed a number of services Blycolin did provide. Generally speaking, you could say that we have changed our mind, because linen management is something we do not want to worry about. Blycolin takes those worries away and offers that complete service. To us, that’s very important, because it allows us to focus on other parts of our company.”