Beach apartments De Gulden Stroom

Products such as the Comeback are our future

Vlissingen on the Dutch west coast: you will not only find sun, sea and sand here, but also the luxurious 5 star apartments of De Gulden Stroom. Right on the boulevard and with a view of the river Westerschelde. What could you possible want more (as a lover of nature)?

Guests of De Gulden Stroom love peace and quiet, space and nature. Joost van Damme, director/owner: “We notice that our Dutch and German guests appreciate that we handle waste, biological food and green energy responsibly.”

Sustainable Comeback: “Incredibly cool!”

De Gulden Stroom is therefore always looking for ways to make things even more sustainable. The Comeback, a new and innovative concept by Blycolin and based on the recycling of denim jeans, appealed to them immediately. New yarn is spun from old fabric to fabricate bed runners and decorative pillows. De Gulden Stroom was the first customer to put the products to the test. “From the very first moment, we were enthousiastic about this initiative. This is incredibly cool!”

Hospitable and sustainable

“We make as much conscious decisions as possible so our guests can stay with us as environmentally-friendly as possible. This deals with green energy, to water saving and therefore also with sustainable and circular products such as the Comeback. It increases our hospitality and adds value for our guests, as well as contribute to raising awareness on people’s impact on the environment.”

An upgrade, also in style

Linen in line with the concept of an hotel contributes to the overall appearance. De Gulden Stroom has a modern style and the (sustainable) choices they make should fit in. Joost van Damme: “Comeback does not only match our desire to be even more conscious about materials. The colors also match our style. In short: Comeback is truly an upgrade of our beds and rooms.”