Pillows Amsterdam

Feel at home

Behind the characteristic facades of the town houses near the Amsterdam Vondelpark, you will find an all but traditional hotel. With its own cosy ‘Living’ and small open kitchen, Pillows radiates warmth and snugness. It’s like an urban meeting place with bedrooms where you are pampered and yet still feel at home. The challenge was to find linen to match this ambience, both practical and stylish. We therefore developed “Pillows linen” together.

A luxurious look…

A duvet cover that falls freely across the edges of the bed, also at the end. That is the rich and comfortable look Pillows wanted. Usually, the bottom of the duvet cover is tucked underneath the mattrass, but it can also be done differently! With a unique design with a luxury flounce on three sides, the ideal match was made. With Italian 100% percale cotton, all beds have a perfectly smooth and luxurious look.

“The Pillows feeling is ‘one of a kind’
and that’s what we also wanted for our linen”

How do you make sure this cover can be changed quickly and still fits just right?
The solution was a special confection method with a small opening at the underside of the duvet cover. To still bring the duvet up to the top of the cover, two openings were designed there, invisible to guests. With these openings, the duvet can be pulled right into the corners. Handy for Housekeeping…

… and personal attention

At Pillows, guests choose their own pillow. The beds are all furnished with four down pillows in two weight classes. Guests, that prefer something other than down, receive a synthetic variety in their room. To be able to distinguish between the varying pillows at Housekeeping, special flannels have been designed, so you can see which pillow you have at a glance. The flannels also provide a hygienic protection for the guests and expand the lifespan of the pillows.

How do you wash that?

To ensure the flounce of the cover and the pillow covers withstand the washing and mangling (ironing), Blycolin has thoroughly tested the linen in several of its laundries. Only after Pillows approved, the production phase started. Now, besides the new Pillows hotel in Amsterdam, also the guests of the hotels in Brussels and Zwolle enjoy this special linen.