Restaurant Het Bergpaviljoen

Dining tastefully with white and chocolate

Het Bergpaviljoen is on the edge of the city of Amersfoort, amidst a woodsy entourage. A characteristic building with a rich culinary history. The team works with pure products, surprising dishes and tasteful combinations every day. “That should be accompanied by a table with stylish and clean table linen, only then the picture is perfect”, co-owner Eddie van den Bor explains. “From various samples, we have chosen a classy classic: white table linen of a beautiful rich quality, of which we felt it matches our restaurant. And napkins woven in two colors, white and chocolate, that can be used at both sides. That provides a nice little twist to our tables and a playful effect in the space of the restaurant.”

“Special request are the greatest challenges for us.We like to be challenged to compose matching dishes.”


Extra linen for parties

“We aim to be as flexible as possible to our guests and when they host a party, we like to help organize it. To make true on our promises, we need partners that are like-minded and that we can rely on. Of course, it all starts with the faith that there is always enough linen in stock in the restaurant and deliveries are always on time. Besides that, the linen should contain the right amount of starch, so we can fold the napkins perfectly. Blycolin takes all worries out of our hands, also when something goes wrong. Our relationship continuously deepens and now, we even deliberate on incidental issues. During large parties, we need to have extra linen fast. The lines between Blycolin and Bergpaviljoen are short and things are usually easily arranged.”