SBI Landgoed Zonheuvel

Just be sustainable

On Tuesday January 21, 2017, Jaap Jongejan, director, and Itje Verhagen, Rooms Division Manager, received the certificate Carbon-Neutral Guaranteed Location on behalf of SBI Landgoed Zonheuvel. The estate has taken drastic measures to reduce its CO2-emmission. The total package of the measures was tested and approved by the Climate Neutral Group. SBI Landgoed Zonheuvel therefore proudly boasts the designation “guaranteed carbon-neutral”.

Blycolin has been specialized in international linen service for the hospitality branch for almost 45 years. As a partner of MVO Nederland, Corporate Social Responsibility is self-evident to us. That is why we are pleased with customers such as Landgoed Zonheuvel, who have the same sustainable ideas as we do.


Our motto is:

Just be sustainable!

“Blycolin thinks in sustainable solutions.”


“Landgoed Zonheuvel is in the National Park ‘Utrechtse Heuvelrug’ and is part of the National Parks Act”, facility manager Roland Delnoij explains. “Our hotel has the international quality mark for sustainable companies in the recreational branch. With the Green Key Gold, we show that we take environmentally-friendly entrepreneurship to the next level. That is why we are also a member of MVO Nederlands and Ik Reis Groen (I travel green). Besides this, Landgoed Zonheuvel is the first hotel and conference location that is guaranteed and certified climate-neutral. If you host a conference here, it will be a climate-neutral event. Landgoed Zonheuvel is one of the most sustainable hotels in the Netherlands.


For instance, we have our own vegetable garden, in which biological and seasonal vegetables, fruit and herbs are grown. These fresh products are used in the variable menu. Also, a bee hive creates natural pollination and produces honey. The honey is used or sold. The assortment is complemented with fairtrade products. This policy carries through the entire hotel.

Sustainable hospitality

All hotel rooms are completely climate-neutral and decorated with sustainable products. We have a great cooperation with Blycolin, that, as a linen partner, thinks in sustainable solutions. Just like we do, they strive to combine growth with a sustainable way of working, as is the CSR policy. Together with Blycolin, we have chosen for Fairtrade and GOTS certified linen on the beds and in the bathrooms. Although ecological linen causes slightly more dust and may wrinkle more easily, we thought it was more important to also in this respect contribute to a better environment, more wellbeing for people and a healthy society.


We are exceptionally proud that Landgoed Zonheuvel is the first hotel and conference location to be certified as climate-neutral. Of course, we have taken measures to achieve this, such as the climate-neutral renovation, sustainable purchasing, a heat exchange installation, separated refure collection, a composting machine, a biological vegetable garden and shuttle transport to and from the train station on biological gas. The emission that we cannot (yet) reduce, is fully compensated by preventing it somewhere else. That is why we find it pleasurable that Blycolin, as our linen partner, monitors the CO2 footprint with which they reduce their CO2 emission actively and consciously, together with partners such as laundries and linen manufacturers. This matches our vision on sustainability perfectly.  Landgoed Zonheuvel will remain taking sustainable steps in the future. Our motto is: Sustainability: just do it!”

About SBI Landgoed Zonheuvel

A visit to Landgoed Zonheuvel is more than just booking a hall or a room. It is an experience to drive up to the beautiful estate with our couch-house on your left side and in the background Castle Maarten Maartenshuis. Landgoed Zonheuvel is in the National Park ‘Utrechtse Heuvelrug’ and is part of the National Parks Act. The hotel and the conference center have the Golden Green Key and are climate-neutral. The cultural history of the Maarten Maartenshuis, the modern conference center with hotel rooms by architect Thomas Rau, and the beautiful natural surroundings are ingredients for an inspriring event. Meetings in this environment contribute to your results. During meetings, you of course have the possibility for a lovely lunch at our restaurant, but why not take a beautiful walk on our estate, take a picnic basket and have lunch together in the forest after your morning session? You can then start your afternoon session all refreshed. Anything is possible!