Spa Zuiver

Blycolin contributes to the wellness feeling

By now, Blycolin is not only a specialist for hotels, accommodations and restaurants, but also for taking care of the linen and linen management for wellness centres. One of our customers, Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver, elevates that luxury and wellbeing to delightful art in Amsterdam.

Spa Zuiver presents a combination of luxury, sports and relaxation that is the future. The expanding success of the enterprise alone proves that. “Our guests can visit the exclusive spa. They can choose from our extensive offer of treatments, such as various massages, facial treatments, manicures, pedicures, packages and hamam. Besides this, there is a modern fitness space, there are tennis and squash courts, as well as 31 luxurious hotel rooms”, Edwin Kempes sums up briefly. When you book at Zuiver, and you should, you will experience the special feeling of calmness and space immediately.


“While we were growing, we calculated whether linen in own management was wise, and we found Blycolin to be the partner.”


Spa Sport Hotel Zuiver is charmingly located in the Amsterdamse bos. With over 50,000 m2 of sports and wellness facilities and hotel accommodation, it is an oasis within an oasis in our bustling capital city. “At Zuiver, you can unwind, relax, recharge. And above all: shamelessly enjoy that lavish feeling of luxury”, says Wellness Manager, Edwin Kempes. Zuiver is, also because of its unique combination of possibilities and high standards, a hit. “We therefore have an enourmous increase in the number of visitors and guests. That is great, of course, but presented us with a dilemma at the same time. More visitors means more use of linen at the spa, sports facilities and the hotel. Years ago, we managed our extensive linen package ourselves, from purchase to laundry. Due to the increase, we calculated whether that was still wise. It appeared that we would be better off to completely outsource that part of the operations. The partner we found, is Blycolin”.