Wasserij Meerzicht

Capacity and innovative power

Wasserij Meerzicht was founded over 100 years ago and processes a staggering 60.000 kilos of laundry every week. From Katwijk, the company services the regions Duin- en Bollenstreek and Amsterdam. “All this time, we have been specializing in washing for the hospitality industry”, owner Rem van Dommelen tells. “We wash, iron and fold bed sheets, table linen, napkins and towels.”

Do what the customer expects you to do

Our customers should be able to rely on us: they can’t have an unmade room or an empty table. We therefore deliver with the guarantee our job’s been done well, that no stuff leaves behind and that laundry is picked up and delivered on time. “To keep informed, I still like to drive the truck myself. That way, I get to know the people at the back door of our customers and discover what they think is important and what they expect from us.”


“It is our goal to wash as clean as possible, with minimal costs and energy.”

Low consumption numbers

The laundry of dozens of hospitality customers leaves white and fresh. But equally important: the laundry is constantly busy developing energy and water savings. In 2012, a new machine park was built on the current location in Katwijk. A hefty investment and a big step in sustainability. “Because of this improvement, we only use 3.5 grams of detergent per kilo of laudry, 15 times less water per kilo than a household washing machine and we are bleach-free.”

Saving on transport costs

The laundry is develivered to the customers 3 to 5 times a week using environmentally-friendly City-trailers, that are allowed into the smallest inner city streets. They are more efficient than ordinary trucks. “Also, we mainly operate within our own region, up to Amsterdam and Zandvoort, and therefore the amount of miles is limited.”

Laundry partners: think ahead and grow together

The partnership with Blycolin is important to Meerzicht. “Blycolin has a large-scale customer-oriented acquisition policy. And it isn’t just about the contribution to our services, also the input of their expertise and trade knowledge is greatly appreciated here.” For years, there has been a good understanding between the partners; not just in business, but also in the social area there are many similarities. Besides this, there is intensive cooperation when it comes to quality checks and sustainability policy. “We face the future with confidence and will do everything we can to join our interests in an optimal synergy.”