Eazzzybed; Scandinavian sleeping without investing

A unique concept sets up your hotel rooms with a complete bed. Without having to refurbish drastically and having to make significant initial investments. With Eazzzybed you simply hire new beds at transparent low prices.

Eazzzybed is a clever Blycolin innovation. With this unique concept you set up your hotel rooms with a complete bed that meets the perception and requirements of the contemporary guest in terms of luxury, comfort and style. IT is also referred to as Scandinavian sleeping. No drastic refurbishments or even significant initial investments necessary. With Eazzzybed you simply hire your new beds at transparent low prices.

Comfortable, safe and ergonomically designed
We have developed the box-springs in close association with a first-class manufacturer. The two models we offer are: Classic and Royal. Both are available in different editions, colours and fabrics. Your new beds can thus fully be adapted to the style and decoration of your rooms. All versions consist of quality mattresses, while the top of the line also has comfortable top-cover mattresses. To make it truly complete, we'll let you choose from our innovative exclusive linen collections, including Opus and Embrace.

The unique structure and composition of the mattresses and the worldwide patented mattress slip that follows the seasons in a natural way offers your guests 5-star sleeping comfort. Just as important, the box-springs are extremely safe. The materials and fabrics, like Trevira CS and the furniture fabric Nova, that are used in the manufacture are fire retardant and flame extinguishing.

From our broad experience in hotel linen, we have taken the daily practice of your housekeeping into account. The beds are placed high on their feet and can be moved easily after unlocking of the wheels. Your housekeepers can make the beds quickly and easily, ergonomically and technically appropriate from a working conditions perspective. With a top-cover on the bed it becomes even easier and lighter to make the bed. This saves you personnel time and inconvenience, while saving you money.

Box-springs can be hired at relatively low costs. The first-class beds, which offer your guests the popular and healthy Scandinavian sleeping, become your property after expiry of the rental period and can then often still be used for a long period of time.

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SA 8000

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