Etage Adapt streamlines your housekeeping perfectly

Blycolin has designed an intelligent solution for your internal logistics to run smoothly and accurately on every floor.

Fewer acts, time and cost savings and no more mistakes
The Etage Adapt system has a modular structure. For instance, there are separate electric modules for the clean linen and the dirty linen. The trolley with the clean linen is supplied fully filled for a floor. Up to you whether you want this done centrally or per floor. A big advantage is that the system significantly reduces the number of physical acts. In a ‘regular’ system, on average, housekeepers pick up the linen five or six times before it is on the bed. With Etage Adapt this happens only once. Even better, the dirty linen can be deposited in the empty trolley. All in all this saves a lot of time, labour costs and space, it prevents mistakes and reduces the chance of shortages or linen products ending up on the wrong floor. Moreover, Etage Adapt demonstrably helps reducing the sickness absence as housekeepers can work more healthily from a working conditions perspective.
The trolley, which may be hired, has a beautiful design and looks particularly neat and organised, contributing to the look and feel and quality perception of your hotel.

Carefree linen management

You don’t have to do a thing.

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