A better existence through Fair Trade Max Havelaar

Fair Trade Max Havelaar is a respected and internationally qualified label. You are surely familiar with it. We are particularly proud to have been licensed to use of this quality mark for our sustainably manufactured products. It allows us to contribute to a better existence for many people all over the world.

A good life, development opportunities, and no child labour.
The Max Havelaar Fair Trade cotton quality mark guarantees that small-scale agricultural organisations in developing countries receive a minimum price for their work and cotton. This way the farmers can maintain their family and land. Moreover they receive a premium in addition to the price. The members of the agricultural cooperative societies use this income to help the (agricultural) community ahead. For instance with training, environmental improvements, education, clinics and infrastructure. An important part of Fair Trade Max Havelaar is that the quality mark combats child labour in cotton cultivation tooth and nail.

Max Havelaar also realises that unfair trade is not the only problem in cotton cultivation. The organisation is well aware that unfair trade goes together with significant ecological and social issues. The Fair Trade quality mark, which includes an environmental component in its standards, therefore helps farmers to switch to biological agriculture and to gradually improve their agricultural practice.

You will find more information about the work and the efforts of Max Havelaar on www.maxhavelaar.nl

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