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GOTS is the worldwide standard that strictly and accurately monitors that, from the seed up to the production of cotton, man and the environment are key. On GOTS certified cotton plantations, no toxic or chemical pesticides are used. Figures illustrate the importance of banning these pesticides. For instance, in ‘normal’ cultivation one kilo of pesticides is sprayed for the creation of one duvet. The farmers who work under the flag of GOTS use natural substances and do not use genetically manipulated plants. Moreover, they do not overcrop the agricultural land. To not exhaust the land through exclusive cultivation of cotton, the farmers vary crops.

GOTS strictly scrutinises the production of cotton fabrics. As a consequence only natural and non-hazardous dyes and bleaching agents are used. GOTS also keeps, for instance, the water consumption and the water purification at the plantations and at the manufacturers at a healthy Dutch level. The negative figures in fabrics production also speak volumes. During the processing of cotton innumerable litres of chlorine and formaldehyde are used for the dyeing, the bleaching and rendering the fabrics iron-free. This causes serious diseases to people that working with these substances on a daily basis. The same applies to the dyestuffs that are used. Not to mention water consumption. The production of one kilo of cotton requires 11,000 litres of water! Even during transport and storage of cotton the toxics tap is constantly wide open in the traditional approach. Large amounts of moth and mould resistant products are used for this.

The cotton from the collections of Blycolin that are not part of the Embrace Collection is never made of cotton that is burdensome on the environment or on man. Many suppliers have linked other labels to their textile and/or their purchasing terms and conditions and we closely check these, e.g. SA 8000, BCSI, Textile Exchange, Europesche Ecolabel, etc. All our products have at least the Ökotex Standard 100 quality mark to guarantee that no environmentally unfriendly substances and pathogens are being used. GOTS takes this several steps further and fits in with our CSR policy.

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