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Your hotel guests want to enjoy their experience. You provide them with the special atmosphere for that. Stimulating, surprising and subtle. Different at night and in the morning. It is easy to do with Opus of Blycolin. With this innovative linen concept you can change the look and feel of your rooms time and time again. In a trice, with no additional investments or loss of time, and with guest satisfaction guaranteed.

Opus. The total concept in harmony and versatility
Opus is a total concept for the decoration, atmosphere and perception of your guest rooms. The concept includes programmes of collections with complementing bedding, bath linen and accessories which a versatile design. This way you can, as often as you like, decorate and change the atmosphere of your guest rooms in a surprising way. Opus is a modular concept. The way your rooms turn out with Opus is totally up to you. In the most complete form you may create a colourful synergy between bedding, bath linen and accessories. Whether your accommodation is classical or modern makes no difference. In the various Opus modules you will always find the atmosphere style that suits you best.

The linen materials we use in the Opus collections are light, so your housekeepers can make the changes easily and quickly. The products have also been carefully selected for distinguishing, comfortable design and extremely strong user qualities. Moreover, all Opus products are developed and manufactured sustainably. Taking this step as a sign of Corporate Social Responsibility will certainly appeal to your guests.

In the bedding of the Opus concept you can choose from two different beautiful patterns. The Rossini pattern has a slightly classical look and feel. Available in a sophisticated white stripe and a coloured, horizontal piping at the top side. The other pattern, Tosca, is double faced with a cover. Playfully surprising is that the bottom side, or the top side if you like, has a different colour. White with oyster, white with grey or for instance lavender. The matching pillowcases are also double faced as a result of which you can make stylish combinations. The Opus bath products and bathrobes complement the bedding, enabling you to present your rooms and bathrooms in perfect harmony. These products are available in two soft and comfortable editions: Mezzo and Allegro.


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