Ravenna GOTS

In its collections of table linen Blycolin has successfully marketed the Ravenna product line for many years. The Ravenna GOTS is a valuable addition to this in relation to CSR. GOTS is the abbreviation of Global Organic Textile Standard. This is the worldwide standard that monitors that, from the seed up to the production of cotton, man and the environment are key.. Thanks to our efforts we can officially use the GOTS quality mark.

No toxic and chemical pesticides are used on GOTS certified cotton plantations. The farmers use natural substances and do not use genetically manipulated plants. Moreover, they do not overcrop the agricultural land. In addition GOTS strictly monitors the production of cotton fabrics. For instance, only natural and non-hazardous dyes and bleaching agents are used. And GOTS also keeps, for instance, the water consumption and the water purification at plantations at a healthy level.

The sustainable Ravenna GOTS is produced in a 100% sustainable manner. It is just as beautiful, stylish and resistant to intensive use in your restaurant as the first Ravenna. If you want to give your CSR policy a boost without any efforts then you simply opt for Ravenna GOTS. It will certainly be to the liking of your guests, who also become ever more sensitive to companies that are active in CSR.

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