SnooZZ Makeover Date

Let’s catch some ZZ’s! Because you have to ZZee SnooZZ for yourself!

The SnooZZ double-faced bed runners and decorative pillow covers will add color to your rooms and give you endless variation possibilities. Our regional manager will gladly come and see you for a SnooZZ date and give your room a total SnooZZ makeover, so you can ZZee it for yourself!

Snoozz is spelled with double ZZ for a reason. The series of bed runners is double-faced. So, with different colors on the top and bottom. Or the other way around, as you decide literally which color goes on top. These bed runners and pillow covers are available in various color combinations, so you can vary and decorate almost endlessly.

With SnooZZ bed runners, you will add more color to your rooms and make your beds complete. Our regional managers will give free advice. Decorative pillows in various sizes will make the picture complete. Easily washable, in various colors and light in use. These runners can be either rented or purchased at Blycolin.

Benefits SnooZZ bed runners and decorative pillows:

  • SnooZZ gives color and ambiance to hotel rooms
  • The SnooZZ bed runners are washable at 60 degrees Celsius
  • SnooZZ runners always have two colors, so variation is possible
  • Both renting and purchasing is option

For a SnooZZ date, call +31 418 - 541800 or send us an email.

Also a presentation making beds! Add for the various types of photos SnooZZ.

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