From jeans to bed runner

Cotton is a valuable resource. That is why we want to produce as much linen as possible in a sustainable way and breathe new life into it after it has been intensively used. When we discovered that you can turn old jeans into new products, we entered into a partnership with Blue Loop. With their special recycling technique, they developed unique prototypes of bed runners and pillow cases for us. We call it Comeback: a recycled denim concept for your hotel room.

"We couldn't wait to test the Comeback"

Industrial and recycled: Comeback matches our look and sustainability policy perfectly. ...
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The journey of


Worn to be reborn
The story of Comeback

After collecting old jeans, strong shredder machines tear up every pair into cotton fibres. At the end of this process, all old clothing is disentangled into small blue fibres. Then, in a small town in Spain, the denim is spun into yarn again. These spools are the basis for the production of our Comeback runners and pillow cases.


Comeback is made of:

  • 45% recycled worn jeans
  • 30 % recycled cotton of cutting waste
  • 15 % recycled polyester of PET bottles
  • 10 % conventional (virgin) polyester

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How much do we save with Comeback?

A circular process…

For the shredding of old jeans, no water is used. Compared to the production of cotton, we save up to 8,000 litres of water per kilo of denim. And, to cap it all, no pigments are used in the production of the yarn. Sustainable recycling at its best!

… and less miles

The entire process of Comeback takes place in the Alicante region on Spain, where delightful family companies have offered us a completely vertical solution. Besides the savings on water, CO2 and energy by using recycled fibres, the emission due to transport is minimal.

Bedside Stories:
Stories for your guests

This unique story is one to share. That is why we deliver it with a special label and a booklet you can present to your guests. This way, you can give your guests a behind-the-scenes of the materials in their room. And provide them with insight into the savings and developments with which we can all build a sustainable future together.


  • 90% recycled yarns
  • Bed runners in various widths and lengths
  • Decorative pillows in various sizes
  • Thick, firm fabric – little wrinkles
  • Washable in hotel machines at 40 degrees Celsius
  • Twined thread 2/15 nm warp and weft.

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