21 Jun 2017

Meet the Comeback

From jeans to bed runner

Giving clothing, textile or linen a second lease on life is not just a marketing gimmick or trendy fad. With millions of kilos of textile waste per year, sustainable alternatives have quite simply become an necessity. At Blycolin, a fair amount of the used textile goes towards developing, charity or technical use in the industry. But there had to be more…


The birth of Comeback

The search began years ago by testing to see if we could make a new napkin for every discarded one. We developed new concepts and sustainable product lines and when we recently learned that jeans too can be turned into new products, we entered into a cooperation with the Dutch recycled denim brand Blue Loop Originals. Over the past four years, they launched pioneering circular textile products. With their special recycling technique and our knowledge of hotel textiles, we developed unique prototypes for bed runners and decorative pillows.

We call it Comeback:
a recycled denim concept
for hotel rooms



From Stories to Bedwear

Comeback is a new, innovative and unique concept based on the re-use of maybe one of the most popular items of clothing of all times: the jeans. The jeans have often traveled far and bear unique stories and a completely individualistic character. After the collection of old jeans, strong shredders tear up each pair of denim into cotton fibers. At the end of this process, all old clothing has been unraveled into small blue fibers. Then, the denim is spun into yarn again and woven into the powerful Comeback fabric by a specialized family company.

From production to test phase

The Comeback fabric consists of worn jeans (45%), cutting waste (30%), recycled PET bottles (15%) and virgin polyester (10%). Moreover, no additions such as water or dyes are used and the entire production process is carried out in the region of Alicante, Spain, so the emission of CO2 from transport is reduced to a minimum. After various technical tests with manufacturers and laundries, we have now made good progress. The new runners can be washed at 40˚C. The test phase within our company is completed, so now it’s time to test intensive use in reality.

Industrial and recycled: Comeback at De Gulden Stroom

Last week, marketing manager Jacqueline Mommer and regional manage Robert van Ierlant delivered the first prototype to Strandappartementen De Gulden Stroom in Vlissingen. The first reaction of director/owner Joost van Damme: “We think this is absolutely amazing! From the first moment, we were thrilled about this sustainable initiative by Blycolin. In Zeeland, our province, we have a wealth of peace and quiet, space and nature and we notice that not only our Dutch guests, but certainly also our German guests, really appreciate the fact that we consciously handle our waste, biological food and (green) energy.” It was therefore only logical that they wanted to test the Comeback. And also great for us, because we always want to make sure to guarantee quality. You can only do that if products have been through intensive testing in real life.


“Comeback does not only fit our wish to handle materials more consciously, the colors also match our interior design. In short: Comeback is a real upgrade for our beds and rooms”



Congratulations: here you can sleep sustainably

“What we want to pass onto our guests is that we make conscious decisions as often as possible to make sleeping at our hotel environmentally-friendly, without extra costs for the guests. This goes from green energy, to water saving and also to sustainable circular projects such as the Comeback. That is why it is important that this story is told. It not only increases the hospitality and added value for our guests, it also contributes to consciousness about the impact we all have on the environment.” Joost’s vision goes beyond the borders of de Gulden Stroom, without forfeiting comfort or style. More than that, the focus on sustainability only contributes to those.

How much do we save?

Comeback bed runners and decorative pillows have a special label on the inside. Manufactured by Remo, these labels contain an innovative track&trace system for recycled materials. With the QR code, guests can discover accurate information about the origin of the product and the exact percentages of the recycled materials from which Comeback is composed. Besides this, it also shows the result of the savings on energy, water and CO2 emission. Blycolin has also developed an information and feedback card to put on the bed. This way, guests can read the story straight away and share their experience with us.

The circle is round

With Comeback, we take a new step towards circular economy, to reducing (textile) waste and re-using a valuable resource such as cotton. While unraveling the denim, no water is used and no dyes are used when making the yarn. We are proud of the strong blue material, the authentic story and the quality of the thick fabric with little wrinkling that is suitable for the intensive use on hotel rooms and processing in laundries. Our mission is give more textile a new lease on life. Will you help us? Do you want to experience the color and texture of the Comeback yourself? Then please email us at to make an appointment.