Interested in being a laundry partner?

Blycolin cooperates with a large number of partner laundries. However, to maintain the high quality washing service we provide to our customers, we are always interested in using new, industrial laundries. Interested in cooperation? Feel free to contact us!

We like to play it safe
Blycolin is the linen services specialist for the hospitality branch. An important aspect of our services to hotels, restaurants and wellness centers is washing all bed, bath, kitchen and table linens. In order to do so, we often enter into long-lasting and loyal partnerships with laundries. When selecting a laundry, we like to play it very safe. As we provide top quality to our customers, our industrial laundries should comply with the high demands of our customers and ourselves. For instance, laundries should be certified Certex and/or ISO 4001 and have a company policy that promotes sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. We also expect our laundry partners to be flexible, strategically located, thinking in solutions, and are willing to constantly monitor and improve the supplied quality through audits.

If you want to cooperate with us, all aspects you and we think are important will be discussed. One phone call is all it takes to set up a meeting and thereby possibly giving your company a boost. We look forward to your reaction. Also be a Laundry Partner? +31 418 – 541 800.

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SA 8000

ISO 26000